Developing next
generation DDR
targeting therapies

Inducing tumour cell death by
exploiting genomic instability
and replication stress

Our Mission

Nodus Oncology is developing first and best-in-class molecules inhibiting novel targets within the DNA damage response and replication stress response.

Supported by most recent scientific advances, we are developing the next wave of cancer therapeutics in the DNA damage response (DDR) area.

Founded by Cumulus Oncology and in partnership with the Lead Discovery Centre, Nodus Oncology is developing an innovative portfolio focused on synthetic lethality and collateral vulnerabilities in molecularly defined cancer patient populations.

Our Team

A mix of extensive scientific expertise and experienced commercial strategy to develop an ambitious start up with several development programmes to bring innovative drugs to patients.

Ian Waddell PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Research scientist with over 30 years experience in successful R&D programmes with extensive and in-depth oncology expertise of the DDR field.

Luis Toledo PhD

Scientific Founder & Advisor

Associate professor at the University of Copenhagen, with extensive in-depth expertise of the DDR field.

Nicola Broughton PhD, MBA

Chief Business Officer

A highly accomplished entrepreneur and investor in the life sciences sector with a deep expertise in due diligence, intellectual property (IP) matters, licensing activities, fund raising and deal negotiation.

Manuelle Debunne PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Entrepreneurial scientist with proven ability to manage academic and industry programmes to translate oncology assets towards clinical development.

Scott Doak

Chief Financial Officer

Entrepreneurial financial strategist with extensive experience of financial modelling and business management, deal negotiation and investor relations.

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The Lead Discovery Center acts as the drug discovery partner for Nodus Oncology and participates in the development of all assets in the pipeline. This close collaboration enables rapid and efficient delivery of successful programmes.

Our drug discovery partner is Lead Discovery Center in Dortmund

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